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The key to keeping your skin clear and bright this summer is preventing it from happening in the first place

1. Use an spf 30 or higher

2. Wear big sunglasses that cover a large portion of your face when driving or when you’re in the sun

3. Use a tyrosinase inhibitor aka a pigment inhibitor to prevent hyperpigmentation from forming

4. Avoid being in direct sunlight from 10-4pm as this is when the sun is the most powerful

5. Do not get intensive peels or treatments in the summertime as this can lead to more pigmentation

6. Wear a wide brim sun hat when you are out in the sun

7. Reapply your sunscreen every two hours… REAPPLY TIL YOU DIE

8. Seek shade when you are in the sun for an extended period of time

9. Use a vitamin c serum daily!

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CaroTone Brightening Cream 11.1oz big jar


Haloderm Dermatological Cream 1oz/30g


Carotone Brightening Cream (Small Jar) 4.5 oz/135 ml (2 PACK)


Carotone Light and Natural Black Spot serum Maxi-Effect 30ml


Sivo Clair skin lightening Jar Cream 10.1 oz / 300 ml


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